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Eburg Aluminum Super Block

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The lightweight, high-quality, high-strength aluminum alloy version of the Eburg engine Super Block.

-Aluminum version has improved heat transfer for cooler running conditions and faster cool down times.
-Aluminum is easier to machine and this alloy is weldable for repair and modifications.
-Enhanced head deck design for improved sealing and accommodating larger valves
-Reinforced Crankcase has internal clearance for high lift cams, large base lifters, & stroker crankshafts assemblies.
-Standard models a.k.a. Engine Builder models have all crankcase machine work finished
(including cam location, bearing bores, crankcase gasket surfaces, & associated bolt patterns)
-An extended deck height is machined at 8.880" ( +0.255" over the stock K series @ 8.625").
-4" bore is located on the crankshaft centerline.

The builder models DO NOT have head bolt patterns, valve guide locations, lifter bore locations, or intake and exhaust ports.
-Providing the utmost in flexibility of lifter, valve, and port location, orientation and angle with a robust base for bolt surfaces.

Standard version with a 4.00" bore on the crankshaft centerline
[email protected] 4.250" bore - has a 0.250" minimum cylinder wall thickness

Engine builder version in aluminum without ports, weighs under 30 lbs !!!

Designed, Cast, and Machined in the USA

-Custom versions possible @ 4.750" offset bore with 0.250" minimum cylinder wall thickness.
-Minimum bore versions (30 cubic inch option) without sleeve @ 3.125" bore on the crankshaft centerline.
-A bore smaller than 3.125" is possible with sleeve.
-Nikasil (electrode-posited lipophilic nickel matrix silicon carbide coating) cylinder bore coatings available.
-Cast iron sleeve options available.

-VM for options on finish machining lifter and valve guide locations & establishing cylinder head bolt patterns.

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