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Mychron 4 660



* Engine RPM

* Driveshaft RPM

* Exhaust Gas Temperature

* Cylinder Head Temperature

* Includes all cables

* USB cable for connection with a PC

* Full Featured Analysis Software allows graphing of data and run overlays

* Instruction Manual

* Mounting Bracket

MyChron4 660 is a modular, expandable system: a most complete instrument to sample, view and record all data concerning your vehicle.

As a standalone unit, MyChron4 660 records Engine RPM, Wheel Speed in MPH (calculated by jack shaft RPM and final drive ratio), Exhaust Gas Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature.

CVT and overdrive percentage are product of engine RPM and jack shaft RPM. It also provides linear g-force as a derivative of wheel speed or rate of acceleration. Each channel is recorded 50 times per second (50Hz).

You can view the user manual here.

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