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Programmable CD Ignition System (Complete for K-Series & Aftermarket Single Cylinder Engines)


After much research and deveopment we are pleased to annouce the first programmable capacative discharge ignition system. We've sucessfully applied it to everything from stock altered engines to superstock singles.

The heart of the system is the MSD 4217. It allows you to run two seperate ignition advance timing maps selectable with a toggle switch.

For coils we chose the MSD 8232 CPC units. We package the complete system with two of these indivdual coils as well as two custom sparkplug cables built with MSD boots and 8.5mm line.

All wiring done on the plate is done via a 6 channel terminal strip with a protective clear cover. An illuminated blue LED notifies that the user that the system is in fact under power. The aluminum plate is bolted to the trigger mount bar which is constructed of aluminum. All mounting hardware is provided. Plate will be bolted to the trigger mount and the hall effect sensor will be installed. When the plate is bolted to a K-series block, no adjustment of the sensor is necessary.  Only placement of the trigger wheel on the PTO end of the crankshaft.  The billet aluminum trigger wheel sets initial advance to about 20 degrees.  The single pulse per rev rare earth magnet provides about 16 degrees of advance window.  In our standard trigger wheel setup installed with the 1/4" key in place, a total ignition advance of about 36 degrees before top dead center is possible.

In order to fully utiize the power potential of a programmable ignition advance curve, one needs dyno tune the engine.  This process is best completed with the provided tuning  software installed on a Windows PC.  In this manner, two completly different ignition programs can be loaded on the 4217 unit (selectable by the toggle switch) as well as programming and retaining a full library of advance curve programs on the PC.   Changing the advance programs only take a minute.

The secondary method of programming and tuning is to use the handheld MSD programmer (purchased seperately).

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