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Single Cylinder Steel Stock Class Cam - V375


VM aftermarket steel cams require a hardened steel camshaft point pin.

V375-CH-4K Stock Class Camshaft Grind 

This grind is rated for 3800 - 4500 RPM.

It has .324" factory lift and a duration of 238 degrees at 0.050" tappet lift.
This cam will idle like a stock cam, but the added duration and timing alterations will allow it to easily outperform even a Kohler 18 H.P. cam which has considerable less duration @ .050 tappet lift.

Stock springs typically work up to about 3800 RPM, but beyond that expect valve control issues. We would suggest upgrading to our aftermarket heavier single spring. Our single spring and retainer assembly gives far better performance at 4000 RPM and up.

Note that a hardened steel camshaft points pin is a required item when using a VM aftermarket steel cam core.
The solid steel core cam with butterfly clearance cut is mounted using mounting brackets and dowel pins. Call for butterfly cut cam option, see turnaround time below:

Steel cams are made to order but at times we have this grind available on the shelf as it is quite popular. Otherwise, turn around time - approximately 2 weeks from the time we receive your cam. Due to Covid-19, please call 217-342-6949 or email [email protected] for turnaround time updates. 

This steel camshaft is a 'Pin-Thru' style featuring installed bronze bushings and a precsion ground points lobe.

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