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RIOT Tires


RIOT tires only. Must add 2 to cart. Priced individually - sold in pairs. 

First RADIAL TIRE designed exclusively for tractor pulling.
Mondo-Aggressive Deep lugs for poor track conditions.
  • 0.680" depth of lug
  • 27 lugs
  • 20 degree lug angle


  • SUPER active sidewalls and a foot-print that increases in longitude when loaded
  • Rolling circumferences approximately 84-85"
  • 70-75 durometer (Shore A scale) out-of-the box (RIOT's do not require hardening )


  • No Cutting required -- Will perform "out-of-the box"
  • Abrasive resistant natural rubber compound provides great wear characteristics.


  • 12" x 12" x 26"
  • priced individually - sold in pairs

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