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Gard-N-Go Oil (1 Case / 12 Quarts)

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SAE 10 Gard-N-Go Oil (1 Case / 12 Quarts)
SAE 20 Gard-N-Go Oil (1 Case / 12 Quarts)
SAE 30 Gard-N-Go Oil (1 Case / 12 Quarts)

Gard-N-Go Engine Oil produced by Cen-Pe-Co (Central Petroleum Company) is Super Refined 100% Pure Paraffin Base Oil.
It has been specially formulated with high-performance air-cooled flat tappet engines in mind at the request of Charles Vogel. It has been extensively tested and used in garden tractor pulling for years now and in some cases yields a small increase in horsepower. Gard-N-Go is fortified with zinc additives and ZDDP to safe-guard the high pressure interfaces and deal with the extreme heat and loads of our gasoline and alcohol racing engines. Do not use additives with this oil!
Cen-Pe-Co SAE 10 exceeds specifications API CD, and SJ.

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