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Thick ReCast Cylinder Head Blanks 16HP


Cylinder head blank with bolt holes drilled. Buy the blank and customize your own combustion chamber and spark plug location or Vogel Manufacturing can customize the blank for you.  Customized package prices vary, please call 217-342-6949 to discuss your project.

Our high quality recast 16 HP Cylinder head with additional metal in all the places you'll need it. Fins in head enable engine to cool down more quickly between runs. Valve pockets in stock location. It is made from A356 heat treated to T6 - and can be welded.

It is ideal for the stock altered class and classes that require a factory look-alike head. Small valve pocket enables you to enlarge for your particular application.

Upon completion of the valve pocket, you may locate and drill the spark plug hole in your preferred position. A good plug for this thick head is the NGK BP8ES. With bolt holes drilled.

Engine application: K341

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