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TX-1 Recording Tachometer



  • * Monitor and Record Engine RPM
  • * Recall Maximum RPM
  • * Scroll through the recorded run on the digital screen
  • * Adjustible Record Times 1,5, or 10 Minutes!
  • * Step through the stored run in real time or 1/3 time increments
  • * Control the gauge from a single, easy-to-reach push button to activate recording
  • * Record feature can be setup for a RPM threshold, to start recording at a designated RPM, so no recording time is lost
  • * Settable shift / warning LED light
  • * Mounting Bracket
  • * Pause run at any point or rewind & fast forward to examine run
  • * Examine run down to 1/hundredth of second
  • * Use in full daylight or complete darkness, at temperatures from above 130° F to below -20° F
  • * Shift/Alarm light INCLUDED!


Designed especially for Sleds and ATV’s, this rugged built Tachometer is ready for this seasons aggressive runs. The TX-1 Records and Re-Plays the run for clearer, precise information. The Re-play offers selectable playback speed, Pause and rewind features, Cool Blue backlighting. A/C & DC operation make the TX-1 the perfect Tach.

Version 3! The TX-1.3 has more robust circuitry & can handle power surges up to 110v, if the tach is subjected to a over voltage situation, tach is programed to go into a limp mode and display a voltage error on screen, protecting the instrument from damage! Once The voltage issue has been corrected, the tach resumes normal operation!

When you purchase from VM, you will receive the tachometer WITH the optional shift light, setup and ready togo for your tractor pulling application. Wires will be terminated and prepared for connections to a crank/cam trigger output or coil. The system will also be pre-programmed for your engine PPR, as well as programmed for shift light and recording setup. We will fully support your application process! You can view some video of the TX-1 in action on our own dyno here.

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