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1.000" Stock Altered Carburetor


1.000" Legal stock altered carburetor w/ velocity stack and filter adapter ring. Customer may furnish core #26 to avoid an additional $65.00 core charge. This Stock Altered carburetor is essential in helping us to realize 40+ HP with a Stock Altered Engine. The unique thing is that we are able to achieve this starting with a stock bodied carburetor, machining it to fit our venturi design, and doing all the assembly with epoxy to ensure reliability. This is a complete Ready-to-Run carburetor. We are also selling the venturi for this complete carburetor as a separate unit for those who wish to assemble their own carburetors. It has come to our attention that some carburetors have become available on the used market that are falsely labeled as Vogel Manufacturing built carburetors. Please be forewarned that all Vogel Manufacturing assembled carburetors are epoxy together and use a number of custom built accessories such as a custom VM throttle shafts and custom aluminum plugs to block air passages. Most likely we did not build the carburetor if it uses stock throttle shafts, set-screws for air plugs, or has NOT been epoxy together for permanent assembly. However the carburetor may still use our venturi.

Engine application: K241, K301, K321, K341, K361, UNIVERSAL

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