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Billet RTR 16 HP Aluminum Head


This is the same head blank as listed with the 10 bolt pattern drilled and counter bored, but the bottom side has been decked flat and a stock altered combustion chamber has been CNC milled into the blank. This combustion chamber has been set up for stock valve sizes in the stock locations. It will accommodate 0.330" lift cams. Cooling fins can also be added to the top side. Some may also find this a great way to build cylinder heads for larger classes since the same combustion chamber could be clearanced for larger valves and higher lift. It should also be noted that this combustion chamber is machined in a true 3-Dimensional CNC milling process. Includes: Blank decked, CNC combustion chamber, Drilled & tapped spark plug hole, spark plug and stud kit.

Engine application: K341

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