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3.778 X 1.375 Flat Top Dome Piston Ceramic Coated Top


Complete Assembly Includes: Piston, Rings, Pin & Spirolox

0.028" Over Stock (3.778" Bore) 

This CERAMIC COATED TOP flat top piston has a 1.375" compression height and uses spiroloxs.

The lightweight tool steel wrist pin has a wall thickness of 0.090" and a diameter of 0.875".

The piston features the modern lightweight short skirt. 

Equipped with a Conventional 2-Ring Set - Ring Package: 0.95mm, 2.0mm. 

The piston is designed and clearanced for a 3.778" bore.

Complete assemblies include the piston, rings, pin, and spiroloxs. 

Custom forged lightweight racing pistons from Arias by CP Carillo.

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