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Single Cylinder Cast Camshaft: Stock Class Grinds - Open RPM


Lobes built up with a hard face overlay before regrinding the camshaft.

No core swaps.

These grinds are rated for OPEN RPM.

The added duration and timing alterations will allow these cams to easily out perform even a Kohler 18 H.P. cam which has considerable less duration @ .050 tappet lift..
This profile will work well with stock lifters.
Stock springs typically max out around 3800 RPM. We would suggest upgrading to our aftermarket heavier single spring. Our single spring and retainer assembly gives far better performance at 4000 RPM and up.

We will build up the lobes with a hard face overlay and regrind your cam core.

Please verify the quality of the ignition points lobe before sending in your core. Excessive wear will result in an insuffecient ignition signal. Inspect the gear teeth for damage. Look for cracks near the base of the gear before sending the core.
Please DO NOT remove the compression release.

You will receive the cam you sent in. We will return ship the camshaft when full payment has been made.

When mailing in your core, please include all of your contact information and instructions. Use our Packing List form below:

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