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7-6x6.75SCAF 7-FAD

Air Filter & Filter Adaptor Ring Combo


Clamp-On Air Filter
- 6" O.D. X 6.75" Long
- Pre-oiled cotton fiber ready to use
- Permanent dye filter color will not fade
- Included filter base adapter rings allow use of this filter on 3", 3.5" and 4" intake tubes
- Compatible with VM's Filter Adaptor Ring, Velocity Stack (Stock Carbs.), 1.000" Stock Altered Carb & 1.200" Pro Stock Carb.

Machined Aluminum Velocity Stack
- Bolts onto Kohler Carburetors.
- Two Bolts are included.
- The listed Clamp-On Air Filters clamp onto the specially grooved flange on the Velocity Stack.
- When mounted, the Velocity Stack is fully enclosed inside the Air Filter.

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