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Auxiliary Crankshaft Bearing


Auxiliary Crankshaft Bearing 

Auxiliary outboard bearing supports serve to add an additional bearing to the front and rear of the crankshaft immediately off the front of the block and directly off the endplate on the flywheel side.

They reduce flexing of the crankshaft and aid in smoothing vibrations natural to high performance single cylinders.

Install by placing the bearing and cup onto the crankshaft (Our cranks are already ground to accept our bearing.) The cup and bearing assembly can then be rotated and used as a drill jig to drill and tap the end of the block and endplate to accept the auxiliary support. 

VM's Auxiliary Crankshaft Supports come with eight holes drilled, any four or more holes may be used. Even if you can only accommodate supporting your crank on one end, we maintain that 'one is better than none'.

Engine application: K241, K301, K321, K341, K361

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