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Combo Pack #2


(2) Double Gear Sets and (1) Top Shaft.
VM's transmission gears replace the factory 2nd and 3rd gears. Top shaft cluster with matching bottom gears. Various combinations of top gears available.

For our heavy duty aftermarket top shaft, we begin with billet 4340 aircraft grade steel shaft and fully machine the splines and all required features. After machining, the new top shaft is sent out for heat-treatment where it is thru-hardened. Upon return from heat-treatment the shaft undergoes full quality inspection for hardness and straightness. This top shaft then has the bearing surfaces precision ground via an in-house cylindrical grinding operation.
It is this combination of superior alloy and thru heat-treatment that yields the most durable aftermarket topshaft on the market. Built in-house by VM to our exacting standards. Don't get fooled by others offering "hardened top-shafts" or top shafts built from 8620 alloy and then case hardened for superficial surface hardness when you need a thru-hardened top shaft.

It is recommended to replace factory detent springs with our heavy shift detent springs (see link below).

Application: CUB CADET

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