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Piston Rings Conventional 2-Ring Set

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3.405 X 1.710 Ring Set: 1.0mm, 2.0mm
3.778 x .875 Ring Set: .95mm, 2.0mm
3.778 x 1.250 Ring Set: .95mm, 2.0mm
3.778 x 1.793 Ring Set: .95mm, 2.0mm
3.780 x 1.125 Ring Set: .95mm, 2.0mm
3.780 x 1.710 Ring Set: .95mm, 2.0mm

Replacement rings for Arias pistons Conventional 2-Ring Set Price is for one (1) Cylinder Ring Set. File-to-fit rings Consult detailed description for proper selection.

Steps to select the proper piston ring set:
1- Measure piston bore
2- Measure top ring & oil ring
3- Measure compression height (see photo)
Still not sure?
4- Refer to the description on piston assembly product page.
5- Contact us with 6-digit number on bottom of your Arias piston.

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