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Fiberglass Rear Fenders

  • Fiberglass reproduction Cub Cadet rear fenders.
  • Sold in pairs
  • Combined weight = 6lbs/pair

Fiberglass reproduction Cub Cadet rear fenders. Similar to the fenders used on the Cub Cadet Model 70.

A left and right side fender is included.

Combined weight per pair is 6 lbs.

The fenders are coated with a primer to make painting easy.

Each fender, left and right, have reinforcement squares moulded into the fiberglass structure for mounting holes.
Fenders do not have any mounting holes drilled.

Approximately 6" wide from inside (frame rail / seat box) mounting surface to outside edge of fender.
Approximately 18" dimension from front to rear.
Approximately 20" from top to bottom.

These reproduction fenders can be mounted in any position desired.

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