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Performance Spark Plug Wire

  • Spark plug wires specially designed for high performance applications
  • Copper alloy conductor with less than 50 ohms resistance per foot
  • High suppression characteristics

Spark plug wires, built from the finest MSD 8.5mm copper core and terminated with MSD connectors and boots.

MSD uses a special copper conductor keeping resistance under 50 ohms per foot but retains high EMI suppression capabilities. By wrapping the conductor tightly around a ferro-magnetic impregnated center core an EMI choke is created keeping interference in the wire.

The outer sleeve is a combination of silicone and synthetic materials for supreme resistance against heat, chemicals and abrasion.

Thick boots with more material also help guard against spark arcing to ground. Special dual crimp terminals grip the conductor and the sleeve of the wire prevent the terminal from pulling off the wire.

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