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Pro Stock Block



  • High tensile strength ductile iron material 
  • Critical gasket, seal, bearing surfaces and bolt holes established (cylinder head, oil pan, cam cover, valve cover, etc)
  • Stock K341 deck height (Pro Stock spec)
  • Stock K341 head bolt pattern (Pro Stock spec)
  • Stock K341 camshaft position (Pro Stock spec)
  • 5/8" Lifter bores with bronze bushings installed at correct angles
  • Valve guide positions established at correct angles 
  • Pre-drilled for pressurized oil system ports
  • Internal clearance for the largest lifters and highest lift cams
  • Internal clearance for the connecting rod at the bore base
  • 3.970" Rough bore over the crankshaft centerline
  • Valve angles/positions as well as the head bolt patterns are optimized for pro stock
  • Accepts stock points ignition


What you need todo

  • Cut intake/exhaust port to the valve
  • Drill and tap intake and exhaust manifold bolt patterns
  • Install valve guides
  • Cut valve job
  • Bore and Hone

High-quality, high-strength ductile cast iron block for PRO STOCK applications.

Machined to meet Pro Stock specs for a K341


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