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Spline Clutch (MINI)


A scaled down version of our Big Spline Clutch. This unit covers a variety of horsepower applications more cost effectively but with the same tunability those using the Big Spline clutch have come to appreciate. Unlike the larger unit, this Mini Spline Clutch will not require the use of an aftermarket throw out arm. In many cases you can use your existing stock spring and/or driveshaft. As with the Big Spline Clutch, the clutch hub is built into the unit. We have included a variety of bolt hole patterns in the hub to ease adaption for a number of commonly available aftermarket flywheels. We have installed both stock wide frame and narrow frame Cub Cadet chassis with no interference problems. A support bearing is required for safety.

***Note V-Twin applications require V-Twin Clutch adaptor ring & centering washer set***

Triple discs friction surfaces. Torque break-away range from 20 through 100+

Engine application: UNIVERSAL

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