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Spline Clutch


This hugely successful Large Spline Clutch can be tuned very easily to handle the highest horsepower engines available. Handles 100ft.lbs.+ and remains very smooth on release. Can be slipped nearly infinitely. Cool down is maximized by large breather holes that pump cool air through the unit.

* Clutch Driver and Disc      
* Throw-out arms
* Throw-out Bearing
* Spring
* Drive shaft (1" Chromoly Tube)
* Wave Washers Function as Tuning Accessory Hardware

NO Clutch Hub is required! We included a variety of bolt hole patterns in the hub to ease adaption to a number of commonly available aftermarket flywheels. This unit will often require some modification to your chassis for installation. A driveshaft loop or support bearing is required for safety.

The clutch comes with a 12" long driveshaft. This 12" length is usually sufficient. If a longer driveshaft is required for your application, we can provide a custom length. There is an additional charge for a longer driveshaft based upon the length.

The V-Twin Clutch Adaptor Kit required for V-Twin applications includes:
* VM Clutch Adaptor Ring - used to bolt VM's Spline Clutch to stock style Kohler Command V-twin flywheel with the industrial lip.
* VM V-Twin Clutch Centering Washer - used to bolt VM's Spline Clutch to stock style Kohler Command V-twin crankshaft.
* M8 Bolts - meet the higher strength requirements needed for the V-Twin application.

Engine application: UNIVERSAL

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