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VM08 Tires Mounted on VM Wheels


Must add 2 to cart. Priced individually - sold in pairs. Valve stems included.

VM08 Tires Mounted on VM Wheels is available to buy in increments of 2

VM08 tires mounted on 12" VM Wheels

Priced individually - sold in pairs. Valve stems included.

The VM08 provides performance and value. The 08 rounds out the VM line with a tire that has a less aggressive, 1/2" tall lug.
The VM08 has more crown, sharper bar angles, and a vertical lug face giving it a very traditional look.
The overwhelming success of this tire rivals that of the classic pullers and is sure to make the 08 the one tire that everyone will own eventually.


  • * 12" x 12" x 26"
  • * 29 full chevron lugs
  • * Full 1/2" depth of lug
  • * Vertical lug face
  • * Wide lug face
  • *Rollout Circumference: 85-86.25"
  • * VM08's do not require hardening (70-75 Shore A scale durometer out-of-the box)
  • * Symmetrical 20 deg chevron lug angle
  • * Will perform "out-of-the box" and not require cutting
  • * Abrasive resistant compound for long wear characteristics
  • * Flexible sidewalls with a softer compound
  • * Strong beads that hold air
  • * All tires have been mounted to rims, inflated to 7 psi, measured, labeled, and demounted for circumference matched set.

Polished Aluminum Wheels: 

  • *Short Chrome Valve stems included
  • *Weigh about 8 pounds each.
  • *CNC spun aluminum
  • *4mm (0.156") thickness
  • *Pressure tested for leaks at the weld.
  • *Heavy-duty bead locks.
  • *(6+6) offset wheel WILL accomodate stock cub-cadet external axle brakes.
  • *The bolt pattern is (5) 0.505" diameter bolt holes on a 4.5" diameter bolt circle. There is a 2.75" diameter hole through the center of the wheel inside the bolt pattern. This is the stock cub-cadet bolt pattern as well as many Ford vehicles.

If loosing clearance creates a problem, you would need run the appropriate spacers on the axle to widen the wheelbase back to acceptable clearances.

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