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VM08 Tires


VM08 Tires only. Must add 2 to cart. Priced individually - sold in pairs. 

VM08 Tires is available to buy in increments of 2
  • 0.500" depth of lug
  • 29 lugs
  • 20 degree lug angle


  • SUPER active sidewalls 
  • 70-75 durometer (Shore A scale) out-of-the box (VM08's do not require hardening )


  • No Cutting required -- Will perform "out-of-the box"
  • Abrasive resistant natural rubber compound provides great wear characteristics.
  • Bias construction


  • 12" x 12" x 26"
  • Priced individually - sold in pairs.
  • same geometry as the RIOT tires, but as a bias

The VM08 provides ultra high-end performance + value with enough underlayment to cut the existing 0.500" lugs to 5/8" (0.625") depth. A 1/2" tall lug is great for high wheel speed conditions because it does not move much dirt. The 08 has high crown and high rollouts,  giving it a very traditional look.  

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